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3 Ingredient Chocolate Mousse

Posted on August 19, 2017 by Jennifer Porter

This chocolate mousse is super easy with only 3 ingredients, and perfect for both kids and adult parties. 


  • 200g dark chocolate (I use Whittaker's 72% Cocoa Dark Ghana), chopped
  • 2 cups (500ml) cream
  • 1 cup (100g) chopped marshmallows 


Heat chocolate, half the cream and the marshmallows in a dry, heatproof bowl over a pot of simmering water, stirring until melted and smooth (about 10 minutes). Remove from heat and allow to cool to room temperature.

Beat remaining cream to soft peaks and fold through chocolate mixture. Pour into glasses or bowls and refrigerate for at least 6 hours or overnight before serving.

Kiwi Classic- Chocolate Crackles!

Posted on August 13, 2017 by Jennifer Porter

Chocolate Crackles are a Kiwi classic, and a perfect addition to any party theme!


250g vegetable shortening 

1 cup icing sugar

¼ cup cocoa 

4 cups puffed rice breakfast cereal or cornflakes

1 cup fine desiccated coconut



1. Melt the vegetable shortening in a saucepan.

2. Sift together the icing sugar and cocoa and add to the pan. Mix well, then tip in the rice bubbles or cornflakes and coconut.

3. Stir everything together, then put spoonfuls into paper cupcake cases. Set in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Easter Cupcakes!

Posted on April 13, 2017 by Jennifer Porter

150g butter
1 ½ cups castor sugar
2 eggs
2 tsp vanilla extract
2½ cups self-raising flour
1¼ cups milk

1 1/2 cups chocolate icing sugar
1 knob of butter, softened (approx. 10g)
2 Tbsp hot water (approx.)
Dark chocolate curls or flakes, mini Easter eggs to decorate or make coloured fondant eggs


Beat butter in an electric mixer until smooth, add Chelsea Caster Sugar and beat until light and fluffy. Add eggs and mix well. Add the vanilla, flour and milk. Beat until smooth.

Place individual paper baking cups in a cupcake tin, spoon in mixture until they are about 2/3 full - you should get 24 cupcakes (don't overfill as they will 'peak'). Bake in the oven at 190°C for 20 minutes or until golden. While cupcakes are cooling on a wire rack, prepare icing.

Measure icing sugar into a bowl, add butter and hot water, mix until smooth. Icing should spread easily; if too thick add a little more hot water to allow it to spread easily. To decorate: Spread chocolate icing thickly on to cooled cupcakes. Arrange chocolate pieces around the outer edges, pushing gently into the icing. Finish by placing mini eggs in the centres.

12 Days of Christmas tips and tricks- Day 11!

Posted on December 09, 2016 by Jennifer Porter

How cute are these reindeer hand cards!? Perfect as a thoughtful homemade option to Christmas cards!

You will need:

Brown Non-toxic acrylic paint – found at any local craft store
Card stock paper
Non – toxic Glue
Hole Punch
Red Ribbon
Bobbly eyes
Red, black or pink small pom poms for the nose


Use a thick brown card stock, or simply paint some white card stock with brown paint. Trace your child’s hand print, and cut out. Make 2 holes, one at the top to tie the ribbon, and another just above the thumb to tie on the antlers (pipe cleaners). Decorate as you’d like!

12 Days of Christmas tips and tricks Day 10! Pine cone Christmas trees

Posted on December 09, 2016 by Jennifer Porter


These little green pine cone Christmas trees are so cute and fun to make with the kids this Christmas. They would make a perfect centre piece at any Christmas dinner table!

You will need:

-Small ceramic pots


-a paint brush

-pine cones

-green paint



Simply paint the pots any colour you like and the pine cones green, cover in silver or white glitter and glue the bottom of the cones into the pots. 





12 Days of Christmas tips and tricks- Day 9! The perfect Ham glaze

Posted on December 09, 2016 by Jennifer Porter

For those of you planning on serving a Christmas Ham this year, this is the recipe for you! 

  • 1 whole bone-in ham
  • about 70 whole cloves

Brown Sugar Glaze

  • ½ cup soft brown sugar
  • ¼ cup maple syrup or golden syrup
  • ¼ cup rum, pineapple juice or apple juice

Preheat oven to 150ºC. Place ham on a large oven tray and warm in oven for 10-15 minutes until the skin starts to loosen (this helps it peel off easily). While the ham is warming, make Brown Sugar Glaze by mixing together all ingredients.

Remove ham from oven and increase temperature to 180ºC. Cut through skin around shank then peel off ham skin by gently pushing your fingers between skin and fat. Discard the skin.

Use a sharp knife to lightly score the fat in diagonal crosshatches. Insert a clove at each of the points where the crosshatches intersect. Brush ham all over with Brown Sugar Glaze and bake until golden (about 1 hour), basting with remaining glaze as needed.

Serve hot or at room temperature. Store unused ham in the fridge wrapped in a damp muslin bag or a clean teatowel soaked in water or lemonade.

12 Days of Christmas tips and tricks- Day 8! Shortbread

Posted on December 09, 2016 by Jennifer Porter

Shortbread is such a classic christmas treat, perfect with a cup of tea or given as a gift for those people who you don't know what to buy for!


2 cups plain flour
½ tsp baking soda
1 Tbsp ground ginger 
1 cup Chelsea Soft Brown Sugar or Chelsea Dark Cane Sugar
150g butter, cubed
1 egg, beaten
1 Tbsp Chelsea Golden Syrup

1 egg white
1 ½ cups Chelsea Icing Sugar
1 tsp lemon juice

Lollies or currants to decorate


Preheat oven to 180°C bake (160°C fan-forced). Line two baking trays with baking paper. 

Place the flour, baking soda, ginger and sugar in a bowl or food processor. Add butter and rub in with fingertips or pulse in food processor until it resembles fine breadcrumbs. Add egg and golden syrup and stir or pulse to mix. If the dough is sticky, add a little more flour until it forms a workable dough. Wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 30 minutes. 

Roll out on a lightly floured surface or between two sheets of baking paper until 5mm thick. Cut out shapes using biscuit cutters and place on trays. Form leftover dough into a ball and re-roll and repeat cutting out until dough is used up. 

Bake for 8-10 minutes until golden brown. Cool on a wire rack. 

Make icing by beating egg white with a fork until frothy. Fold in the other ingredients and place icing in a resealable bag. Snip off the corner and pipe decorations onto each biscuit. Use icing to attach lollies or currants.


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