Slow cooked pork cooked in apple juice with apple glaze

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This is a family favourite - my kids love it and fight over the crackling so wanted to share!


1.5kg Shoulder of pork - I like Freedom farms

600-800ml Apple juice - Organic and cloudy (versus clear commercial variety) Please note if cooking for adults you can use apple cider.

1/2 tbs dried fennel seeds

Salt and pepper

1 tbs Olive oil


Turn oven to 220 degrees on fanbake.

Put the pork into a baking dish where it fits comfortably (not too big as you want the liquid to surround).

Score skin. Rub entire pork with fennel, salt and pepper - pour oil on bottom of the dish and add pork . Place in a hot oven for 25 minutes - this will get the cracking started. During this time gently heat the apple juice/cider. 

Add juice/cider to dish but to not cover skin, should only reach 3/4 way up meat - so adjust amount (depending on side of time). 

Put on Foil hat

Turn temperature to 150-160 and cook for 3 hours. 

Remove from oven and turn oven up again to Fan grill 200 degrees.

Remove pork from liquid.

Strain liquid into a pit - rapid boil the liquid for approx 20 minutes - Keep tasting the liquid and will turn thick and syrupy however you need to monitor this very closely (Simular to a demi glaze)

Once the gravy is done pour over the pork and voila a perfect pork roast!


Hope you enjoy X


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