Spring terracotta flower pot cupcakes!

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It's finally Spring!! To celebrate we are bringing you this amazing 'flower pot' style cupcake, the perfect addition to any Spring party or just a special treat! We had so much fun making these so keep reading for a photo tutorial of how to make these floral creations.

Step One: Use the banana cake recipe in our previous blog post, and bake cupcakes in silicon terracotta pots (we got these from Millie's Kitchen)

Step two: Apply generous amounts of chocolate icing to each cupcake, this is our chocolate buttercream icing recipe: http://mylittleparty.co.nz/blogs/news/chocolate-buttercream-recipe

 Step three: Break up a chocolate brownie into rough chunks


Step four: Apply the brownie chunks on each of the iced cupcakes to give an 'earthy' dirt look

Step six: Poke fresh edible flowers and snow pea shoots (we got these from Farro but available from most green grocers) into the cupcakes and voila you have the perfect Spring cupcake


 Enjoy! X




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